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COBA Tour of Homes 2018 at Tethrow

The COBA Tour of Homes ™ is approximately 40-60 new construction homes built by some of the most prominent builders in Central Oregon. They are able to display their beautiful craftsmanship, landscaping, and designs while educating the public on the latest building trends and provides a community forum for the housing industry as a whole. OR. CONCRETE INC. is among the list of contractors providing the latest in modern concrete techniques and design.

OR. CONCRETE INC. Delivers in Tetherow

This project consisted of smooth finished 12 and 18 inch wide retaining walls, standard broom-finished paver border, and multiple concrete staircases all injected with outback liquid color injection. 

Sustainability and the Environment

  • Structural Concrete is durable—its lifespan is actually two or three times longer than other common building materials.
  • One of the main raw ingredients in concrete is limestone, which is the most abundant mineral on Earth.
  • Concrete is great at absorbing and retaining heat, which means it will increase energy efficiency of a building and reduce HVAC expenses.
  • Its reflective properties will decrease air-conditioning costs in the hot summer months.
  • Concrete produces little waste as it can be produced in batches specific to project needs.

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