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Board Form Concrete Planter & Retaining Walls

The forming frame is made from un-sanded and unpolished wood, which means the concrete takes on the wood grain texture as it cures. The finish has become very popular over the recent years because it beautifully marries the organic texture and feel of wood with the convenience and durability of concrete. The grain design softens the concrete while still retaining the modern, edgy aesthetic.

Sand Finished Concrete Used on a Segmented Patio

Traditional concrete is often left rough like the sidewalks and driveways you see around. When concrete is sand finished, it can take on a smooth, classy veneer, which resembles the hard sand at ocean beaches when a wave recedes.

Sand finishing is a great, classy choice throughout the household. A sand-finished driveway will welcome family and friends with a custom look that can take the breath away.  Sand finished concrete is easier on your feet as well as a great flooring option.

Add sand finish concrete to your home for a beautiful look that will last for decades. Contact us today to get started!

This is a project involved the tear out of an existing deck and landscape to make better use of the homeowners multi-level lot and provided a more inviting atmosphere for friends and family.   The new aesthetically pleasing outdoor living space consists of a segmented sand-finished concrete patio for the upper BBQ and bar area with bold decorative board form concrete planters & retaining walls with a a sand-finished staircase transition to the upper patio.

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